Privacy Policy

We highly appreciate your interest in our services. According to our vision, it is our top responsibility to ensure your sensitive data remains secure and private. Thus, the company does everything possible to increase the level of security protecting your personal data as its loss or fraudulent use is unacceptable. Below we described the sort of information we gather, and the ways we use it.

While you are using our services, we are collecting the following information about:

  • Our Clients
  • Our Visitors

The system gathers the following data:

  • Time of access
  • Browser type
  • Operating system

This information cannot reveal the individual`s identity. The only way we use this information is to enhance customer satisfaction modifying and customizing our website. All information we collect is not accessed or used by any third parties.

How we use Cookies

“Cookies” on our website are used to make the interface more user-friendly. Furthermore, the use of this data is completely restricted to collecting statistical information such as the number of visits on our website and its usage.

Personal information we collect

Delivering services of outstanding quality, we require the following kind of personal information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

This information is provided by a customer signing up on our website. Working on your order, we may use this information to contact you if there are any clarifications that should be addressed to complete the assignment appropriately. For instance, a customer provided insufficient information in terms of order requirements. That is why we strongly recommend to provide only relevant personal details so that we are able to get necessary clarifications, which is essential to deliver the best possible quality. A customer`s personal details can be accessed only by our privileged stuff, it will never be misused (sold, disclosed, shared, published, or sent to any third party).

Online Transactions

All our payment methods are reliable and convenient; they are secure so that no billing information is disclosed or revealed during the payment process. Our Financial Department can contact a customer and request necessary information to prevent any possible fraudulent actions against the company.

Clients’ Rights

All users of our services have the right to manage their information, i.e., replace, delete or correct personal details in the user profile. In order to apply the changes, please send a message to our Support Team. 

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