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Help with Literature Review

Students often require help with literature review because to create a successful paper on their own they have to be closely familiar with the readings. As a reviewer, you must have a perfect understanding of the author’s intention and be capable of comprehending the slightest nuances of the text. The knowledge you have gained during the analysis must be expressed in the thesis statement of the paper.


This is not to mention additional research, which you will surely have to do if you want to gain a broader perspective on the main themes and issues as well as the overall context. Finally, as a writer of your own text, remember to put a unique spin on the ideas you are expressing.

This all must sound exhausting. Thankfully, you can request professional assistance and get a custom literature review with just a couple clicks of the mouse!

How to Do My Literature Review?

What Is the Purpose of a Literature Review?

Knowing the purpose of your literature review is just as important as knowing how to write it. The main goal of this section of your dissertation is to demonstrate to the readers the depth of your knowledge of the topic. It also helps to justify the significance of your research and its relevance to the discipline. These are the main reasons why you have to take the steps below:

  1. Analyze what the sources you have read have in common and how their conclusions relate to your own research.
  2. Find the differences and controversies in the sources you are analyzing.
  3. Evaluate the evolution of the approaches to the issue and explain how/whether the issue has changed with time.
  4. If you notice any gaps in the knowledge, think about the ways your research can fill them.
  5. Note down the arguments proving the significance of your dissertation.

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When the first stage is over and you have ample information for your paper, you can start structuring it. Here is what your literature review should consist of:

  • Introduction, in which you will contextualize your research, briefly overview the sources, and justify your choice.
  • Main body, where you will be discussing the topic and the issues related to it in detail. Instead of listing the sources one by one, group them based on the things they have in common.
  • Conclusion, which will be reminding the readers how your review matches the purpose described in the introduction.

4 Stages of a Dissertation Literature Review

The development of a dissertation literature review occurs in four stages:

  1. Problem identification – what topic are you planning to explore and what are its constituents?
  2. Search of literature – find relevant sources; remember to use reliable databases.
  3. Evaluation of the data – briefly review the sources you have found (sometimes reading an abstract is enough) to understand which of them contribute to your understanding of the research area.
  4. Analysis and interpretation – analyze the sources that have been chosen as the most relevant and discuss their findings and conclusions.

Good Literature Review Elements

Basic Components of a Literature Review

Additionally, a good literature review contains the following elements:

  • Strong organization of the information, for example, division into categories.
  • Explanation of the similarities and differences between the studies.
  • Conclusions indicating which of the sources present the most suitable consideration of the topic/issue.


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While assessing each source, pay attention to:

  • The author’s credentials;
  • Objectivity of the researcher(s);
  • Persuasiveness of the author(s);
  • Value (novelty) of the research.

By contextualizing your scholarly discussion and reflecting on the findings of the past research, an author of a dissertation fulfills the following goals:

  1. Demonstrating their knowledge and passion for the subject. Pursuing a Ph.D. is not easy, so it is important to show to the fellow researchers how passionate you are about your work and how much knowledge you have gained so far. That said, your literature review has the potential to prove your commitment to the topic.
  2. Educating others. Although your supervisor definitely has some general knowledge about your topic, they will not be well-versed in the specifics. While requesting help writing a literature review, you also get an additional chance of identifying what kind of information a reader might still need to fully understand your ideas and the significance of the work.
  3. Creating the context. No matter the subject of your research, your thesis will be a new voice in the ongoing scholarly argument. As such, it has to be placed in the context so your readers could comprehend it. Whenever you buy a literature review paper from experienced writers, you have taken the most reasonable decision to help you achieve this goal.

Hire a Critical Literature Review Writer

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Nursing Literature Review Writing Services

Nursing Literature Review Writing Services

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Dissertation Literature Review Writing Service

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How to finish the literature review section of your dissertation on time without spreading yourself too thin? Although not challenging by nature, literature review section is time-consuming, tiring, and, let us be honest, boring. One of the features making it so is strictly regulated format and structure, which, in turn, defines the content you have to create.

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Create a Lit Review in 5 Steps

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