The Relationship between Humankind and Natural World

Non-western cultures can simply be defined as uncivilized cultures. These cultures do not involve the use of technology or any other form of civilization. In this case, humans used nature to perform certain duties in order to improve their living conditions. As a result, humans used to conserve nature for their own good. However, with the western cultures, humans started to use technology and any other form of civilization. This meant the destruction of nature in order to fulfill their demands. Therefore, non-western cultures show that there is a certain relationship between humankind and natural word.

First, the non-western cultures tell us that humans have a respectful relationship with the natural world. This is because the non-western cultures meant that it was a taboo to destroy the natural environment. In this case, humans were protecting the natural world for purposes of respecting their excellent relationship. Additionally, to show that human beings were respecting the natural world, there were imposing punishments for those people who were destroying the natural environment. Moreover, animals as part of the natural world also had respect for humans. This is where the animals did not disturb or attack humans. For instance, the Masai of Kenya, who practices non-western cultures, live peacefully with the lions and other wild animals by respecting each other. This is where the lions do eat the Masai herds while the Masai do not attack the lions.

Secondly, non-western cultures tell us that humans had a religious relationship with the natural world. Majority of the humans practicing non-western cultures were using the natural environment for their religious practices like praying. Finally, non-western cultures tell us that humans have a dependable relationship with the natural world. The natural world depends on humans for preservation while the humans depend on the natural world, to improve their living standards.

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