Nacirema Subculture

According to Donaldson (1993), “Hegemonic masculinity is a question of how particular groups of men inhabit positions of power and wealth, and how they legitimate and reproduce the social relationships that generate their dominance." Nacirema culture portrays hegemonic masculinity through the activities carried out by the Farts. Similar to these men from the Nacirema, American hegemonic norms dictate the conduct of men’s hegemonic masculinity in America.

Alexander (2011) gives an insight of American hegemonic masculinity norms. He states, “in the US masculinity means a man who does not cry when injured, plays physical sports and is physically buff.” Comparing this to the Nacirema, men play a physical sport that they call football, and they are supposed to conduct themselves as the ultimate males.

The Nacirema organize parties and try to get a pukooh, where men find women to have intercourse with as a ritual. Similar to this, American hegemonic norms also require men to get girls for sexual relations. Alex calls it the girl hunt. He goes further to post a photo of the girls they have managed to hunt. Alexander (2011) explains a girl hunt is a ritual that hegemonic masculinity has to perform as an interpretation to manhood. He notes that, just like the Nacirema, they abandon their homo-sexual activities and go to a heterosexual girl hunt. In addition, Kimmel (2006) notes that the Tarf in Nacirema subculture abandon their homosexual activities as well.

American hegemonic masculinity is similar to the Nacirema’s one in the aspect that they also heavily engage in hegemonic masculinity while in educational institutions and during entertainment activities, just like those belonging to Nacirema subculture.  Moreover, as per American hegemonic masculinity norms, men see women as objects and their subordinates. Alexander (2011) tells how they had prepared for a girl hunt by pre-gaming with five men and two women. This is similar to the Nacirema, where women are drugged and used as vessels in their heterosexual rituals. They do this while conducting gnag gnabs. In his article, Alexander (2011) points out that alcohol plays a big role in such a girl hunt. This is similar to Nacirema culture when they go find a pukooh. American hegemonic masculinity also makes friends in the dormitories.

If to analyze the comparisons performed above, it is evident that hegemonic masculinity norms cut across all players regardless of their country of origin. In addition, they converge from different ethnic backgrounds and unite as brothers in their culture. 

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