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The Interplay between Drugs and Terrorism

Research Paper Example about Drugs and Terrorism

This paper presents a discussion on the relationship between drugs trafficking and terrorism activities. With the advent of technology, terrorism and criminal activities have also arisen (Lyman & Potter, 2007). Criminal engagements in drugs and terrorism have presented a challenge towards the harmonious existence in the world. The activities of September 11th are fresh in everyone’s mind, there have been efforts to establish a link between drug trafficking and terrorism. The link is said to be close. The United Nations indicated their concerns of a strong link between the two during a Security Council Resolution.


It is observed that following the end of the Cold War supported terrorist activities, terrorism had to find new means of acquiring resources for their criminal activities (Kuhn & Wilson, 2008). Some of the sources terrorists have utilized include trafficking of food, production, taxing, and trafficking of drugs like cannabis, heroine, and cocaine. These are some of the activities that terrorists use to raise funds. There is a close link between the activities of terrorism and drug trafficking. Drugs have been identified as the main source of funds for terrorists. They trade with the aim of earning a profit from the illegal business.

Countries with the Highest Production Levels of Drugs

Some of the countries with the highest production levels of drugs are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. They collude with terrorist groups to carry out their business (Pastor, 2009). In Afghanistan, proceeds of the business go a long way to aid terrorist activities of the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Drug traffickers sometimes do strike deals with terrorists to safely transport their drug cargos in places under the control of terrorists. Terrorists get some commission in return, and hence is the close working relationship.

In some cases, terrorists do commit crime in drugs by their own. They can also engage in drug trafficking themselves. Thus, there is no difference between the two groups in some cases. When need arises to cause chaos for their business to thrive, they execute their terrorism activities (Hoffman, 2005). By doing so, the security teams would be preoccupied with terrorism when they are busy with drug trafficking. However, the aim here is to get fund for terrorism. This is in contrast to those who only aim at a return in form of profits from drugs. Theirs is the only drug business for income purposes. Terrorists, however, do engage in drug trafficking in order to support their terrorism. The two groups, however, sometimes work together whenever need arises.

Drugs as the Currency for Commission Payment for Terrorists

In some cases, like in the Madrid bombings, drugs were used as the currency for commission payment. In this case, terrorists make their payments in terms of drugs. This therefore shows that terrorist activities are almost intertwined with drug business. It serves them as a source of funds and a means of payment just like monetary resources. It is therefore evident that the two groups or businesses do operate hand in hand with each other.

There is evidence to link FARC to drug trafficking. In 2008, the Treasury Department of the United States indicted two senior members of the Chavez Hugo administration for being responsible for aiding the group in their activities of drug trafficking. The senior members of Chavez government are said to have cooperated to help the group sail through the justice system and get protection in carrying out the crime. FARC is therefore a criminal gang of drug traffickers who engage in the business of illegal drug trading. Their activities are spread all across the globe including the United States, which is said to be the biggest market for drugs.

Research Paper Conclusion Example

In conclusion, it has been observed that there is a strong link between drug trafficking and terrorism. The two groups carry out their businesses independently of each other at some instances and dependently at some stages. Terrorists also sometimes practice the activity directly. The aim is to get financing for their terrorism activities. It is therefore important that the authorities do become aware of such a link and prepare adequately to counter the insurgency based on the above-discussed grounds.

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