Offences within the Society Today

Offences within the society today are enormous, and both male and female persons may succumb to them easily. The justice system available today treats male and female offenders almost equally because these laws consider offences equal and therefore deserves the same judgments. There are rising concerns that female offenders are not the same as male offenders in the society. Human activists note that male offences are often massive and have heavy influences of the society. However, female offences are less harmful compared to male offences. The concern for separating the correctional systems and procedures for these two groups of people in the society is necessary. Female offenders should be subjected to a lighter judicial process and a softer correctional path in the world.

Justice matters in any society. However, justice procedures must be right to produce the desired results. Female offenders are not the same as male offenders. These two groups have different expectations in the environment, and so do their cases. A criminal system is composed of massive systems including courts, lawyers, police officer and correctional centers. These institutions require a complete haul to consider, and take care of female offenders in the right manner. The system of courts must handle female offences in a consistent manner. When it comes to matters of truth, females understand their own instincts as well. Using female judges may seem to be harsh but in reality, there will be justice served (Covington, n.d).

Male security officers are far much different from female counterparts. Female prisoners deserve the right to enjoy the environment within a given correctional facility. Female offenders require self-empowerment no matter the type of environment. Correctional facilities can change female prisoners a great deal but then, male security officers may jeopardize the whole idea. Women themselves can gain insight and develop their strengths. For instance, drug offenders within a correctional facility require female security that understands how women think, and do with several issues. Male officers may not understand groupings and the kind of motivation that women require to help them in changing some behaviours.

Women are quite social and they need female officers around them so that they can develop the right social groups. Male officers can take advantage of low self-esteem among female prisoners. Furthermore, many female offenders are normally first time prisoners and therefore, their levels of openness are low, and male officers will worsen the idea of improving the social interaction. It is normal for women to catch up so fast in an environment. This theory is the same for those in prisons. The presence of female officers will be a great relief to many female offenders because they can always ask anything without fearing intimidation from the opposite sex.

Female offenders require female officers so that they can make meaningful and responsible choices about their correctional programs. The presence of male security officers will promote favouritism on some cases while on other extreme cases; this can make females to shy away from the best programs. The approach used to female prisoners matter since it affects the selection these offenders will have on various programs. Female prisoners tend to perceive that male officers are harsh and intolerable in any correctional facility. Thus, the presence of males within a correctional facility will make many female offenders to hide their identities by pretending. Such behaviour will demoralize the whole concept of correction. Correctional programs will not become useful when subjects pretend due to the presence of human beings of the opposite sex.

Studies show that treating people with respect and dignity pays. Likewise, female offenders deserve female security officers in their environs because they these officers will respect their dignity very well. Treatment with dignity will encourage female offenders to gain self-respect and thus be able to cope with correctional programs. In the end, such offenders will get full rehabilitation and contribute well to the society. The society regards women as soft people who can really care well for others. In such thinking, therefore female offenders need a soft landing once they start their correctional systems. The presence of females in correctional facilities often opens up an environment of consultative learning where woman-to-woman relationships can develop without side thoughts.

Female security officers will understand the history of female offenders very well. For instance, female officers can group women offenders according to family status, those with children and those who are still single. Such groupings will assist the offenders in sharing more and accelerate the recovery process. Male security officers may not understand very well such approaches and the importance to the rehab process. The studies note that male officers are inflexible because they follow strict guidelines present on book.

When it comes to conflicts within the correctional facility, male security officers often pass very harsh punishments without learning lessons from them. Female security officers on the other hand are people who take time to judge. Female officers listen more before passing on punishments. In cases of ambiguous conflicts, female officers tend to solve them in a very professional manner. Female officers additionally can take enough time before getting a solution in any correctional facility. These female officers understand that patience pays and they use it to their benefit.

Females generally do not condone unorganized environments. Working with female officers in a correctional facility is healthy because they are sensitive to open wires and other material. Females can take corrective actions and keep the environment in good condition without fail. Female offenders are comfortable being in tidy environments. Tidy environments add value to rehab and recovery processes. Female offenders will always find a reason for being an organized correctional facility.

Contrary to male offenders, female offenders normally fight with drug use and abuse problems. Due to this, female offenders do not need general correctional programs that males like to administer in the facility. Many female offenders worsen their conditions after being sentenced. Female officers are known to be keen on minor changes among others. It is their job to secure female offenders from inflicting self-harm by developing depression within the facility. In short, female offenders need care just like children. They need to be kept busy, comfortable, and female security officers can offer that in the facility. Male security officers will view that as a waste of time. These male officers may worsen the situation by going a mile and talking arrogantly to the offenders about what brought to the facility.

Female officers look out early for any signs of depressions among the prisoners. It is fruitful to have them around female offenders because they will get the right rehabilitation. Female offenders expect participative guides and female security officers can work together with the inmates. Participative corrections are one way of encouraging offenders in learning to make the right choices in life and those that do not inflict pain on others. Females additionally relate well over family issues and many offenders often change their behaviors because female security officers remind them of many good things around happy homes. Female security officers finally understand the general behaviors that women have around the environment. Male security officers may not understand what female offenders mean through several behaviors. As a result, male officers may misunderstand and misuse the overall issue surrounding a female offender (Lise, 2004).

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