Observation and Summary

Focus group is a carefully planned discussion of 6 to 10 participants regulated by a moderator to keep them on the right course. The group is brought together through a common trait age, education, ethnicity, occupation or experience. The group focuses on attitude, beliefs, desires and reaction to a particular idea or subject.

In this video, the four participants have the same trait, education. They are full time faculty members from Franklin University. The topic is programme webpage – F1 in the University. Purpose

According to Dr Tim Reymann, one of the participants, the webpage gives an overview of the faculty courses and any other important information a student’s needs to know when enrolling (Franklin University, 2012). Different programme have different requirements, the webpage helps people to have information on the courses thus help them plan themselves. As Dr. Melissa states, today students are meticulous, they want to learn about the school and the courses they are offering. This helps them pick courses which best favors them. The webpage also help the students to interact and share information, through blogging, posting updating on the current information. Like Dr. John Brent, people post videos to convey information. This ability of posting videos on the webpage is a more convincing way of passing information to the community without physically meeting them.

The WebPages are an easy way of checking on the sequences of the courses, this helps the students plan in advance (Franklin University, 2012). Class schedules are posted on the webpage for the students to access them easily. The webpage idea is a perfect way of passing information in a simple way.

According to Franklin University (2012), the purpose of this webpage in Franklin University is a way of interacting with the students, a source of information to them. With a free access to post blogs or update information, people can take the advantage to post wrong ideas thus a negative impact.

According to this focus group, the web pages have helped to simplify ways of communicating to the students, class schedules, progressive sequence of the programmes, news updates and the students can now easily access course outlines.

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