Local News Exercise

Los Angeles Television stations have some of the best programmes and news that I have seen. For example, KNBC brings extremely informative new broadcasts where on certain important occasions they have specials. For example, when elections are on season, they have an 11 pm special edition, which they run just before the confirmed election results. The kind of news they broadcast is wholesomely on very serious issues with the likes of politics, the economy and education. I watched the 5 pm news, which is broadcasted by Colleen Williams who I believe is a very famous anchor. The news they bring are systematic, from the breaking news, to politics affecting people and other imperative issues like education. On the other hand, in my opinion when compared to a station like KABC-TV, KNBC brings less news.

The other Los Angeles station I watched was KABC-TV, which other than news broadcast; it also brings local programs that people enjoy. I was able to watch their news also particularly at 4 pm on Saturday. Something conspicuous was that the length of news they brought was extremely long compared to KNBC and other news stations I have previously watched. The anchor reading the news at that particular time was David Ono. The new roundup they aired took quite a long time as they focused on even the slightest detail in regards to the economy, the government events, worldwide news.

There are similarities between these two stations in that after the news broadcasts they display the weather forecast, followed by sports and even traffic. This happens in quite a number of major television stations if not all. Their news also always starts with any breaking news that might have happened locally or internationally.

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