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The Graphic Memoir Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel

Graphic Memoir “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel

Scientists contemplate metaphysical and epistemological problems. For example, it is observed in the graphic memoir “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel. The author emphases on her childhood and youth in Pennsylvania, focuses on her complicated relations with father. Moreover, the different philosophical issues can be viewed in it.

Epistemology Definition

Epistemology is the branch of science which is involved in the investigation of knowledge. Many epistemologists claim that knowledge is an aspect that is inborn. They assert that it does not come from the senses of an individual. Metaphysics is a field of science that deals with speculation of the world. Metaphysics is all about why there exists different that exists in the world. This word is articulately used as ontology – the study of being and how individuals come to be in existence, and how they all relate with each other. Thus, a lot of studies have been conducted in respect to epistemology and metaphysics.

Epistemology Problems and Metaphysics by Alison Bechdel

It can easy to go into the question on the fifth chapter where she tells about obsessive, compulsive and disorders at teen age. “Alison was keen on numbers, avoiding the repeated of 13; she was scared doorstep, and set up the complicated routine to save herself from evil occurrences” (Bechdel 135-138). Many children have the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and these support dissimilar adults, children are inefficient of identifying that the obsessions and coercions are unnecessary. “Alison recollected reading and refusing an identical logic when she was ten in her mum’s edition, where obtrusive-coercion conduct was accounted as depressed enmity in the direction of parents” (Bechdel 138-139).

Based on what ontology entails, many people tend to find out more about their existence in the world. Therefore, persons like to know and search answers about how they live and how they relate with others. Epistemology and ontology also have some differences as the studies explain society in a negative way. This condition tends to bring the confusion between these two philosophical sciences.

I have had experiences, which have become a bother to my life, and have made me want to learn about knowledge. This experience involves the understanding of how I gain knowledge of all the studies that I am taught. Thus, I would wish to know what and how I come to understand all what I am taught. This has become a concern as I cannot really understand how this knowledge is imposed on me.

Epistemology does not utterly like to know how things happen. This is one aspect which makes it possible for philosophers to question how it studies the existence of people. This has really brought the intersection of epistemology, ontology, and metaphysics, as well. “Alison had begun noting all events in a diary at the offers of her father, a trial continued into adulthood. This technique really helped” (Bechdel 141).

Ontology helps us to relate and understand all that happens in our lives. This implies that my quest to understand how learning occurs needs a lot of research. In addition, metaphysics explains why we perceive education to be the best thing that has helped revolutionize the world. When these two are combined, they make it possible for us to understand what is basically needed. Accordingly, if we want to understand the above issue of education, we should want to know what importance it has to the world. Epistemology makes us hold beliefs amidst any proofs or no proofs. This makes it possible for people to hold that certain beliefs are true despite them lacking the proper evidence. This is what makes epistemologists claim that knowledge is an aspect that has no formal justifications.

“Alice is one lady who struggles to wonder what went wrong so that she could decide to become a lesbian” (Bechdel 217). This is a point which she is concerned with, and what made her relationship with father turn sour. Besides, this has made Alice’s father suffer and, what is more, led to they have hated each other. This is one thing she never understands as she does not know what changes from the society changed her. Her father was a homosexual but was married to her mother. “She explains that it was one strong idea for her to explain her sexuality to her parents. She claims that was one of the issues that led to the death of her father” (Bechdel 232).

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Alice wonders how she relates with others as for her sexuality. This is connected to the aspect that we try to see how we understand education amidst all the other issues. Moreover, she was trying to find out how her relationship grew while living with people who have different sexuality as compared to hers. Accordingly, she also wondered how they came to like her as well as what she did.


Thereby, Alison Bechdel describes her private life. It is a novel that has permanent research of the three major important achievements in her childhood: her father’s and her sexuality, and the result that the accomplishments have on the relations. It has pictured the life of author from about five years old to approximately twenty years. Therefore, by telling the narrative, Alison can come to conditions with herself, her own sexual sameness, and her relations with her father.

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