Candidate Selection Process Project

Q Tell me what you know about this organization?

The Boston Beer Company is an American leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavoured beers which has been in the market for more than15 years. The founder of the company Jim Koch started it in 1984 and it distributes its products to Chicago, Ohio and neighboring states and employees approximately 1000 people.

Q what have you done to progress your education to date?

Well, when I left school I got employed in one of the insurance company in the town where I worked in the sales department. After I had got initial training for the job I was taken on for to familiarize how the company operated I got the opportunity to train on customer care and also team work.

Q Do you think you are qualified for this job?

My hope is that I can do this job more efficiently and sufficiently well to be recognized by the company and this will help me to progress as per the time and also increase the company productivity and image as well.

Q Do you mind reporting to younger boss than you? (Fry, 2009)

Absolutely no because respect competency and position of my fellow workers and I have no problem working with such people who have obviously proven themselves worthy in the past of their position they held and I think that is the best way forward.

Q What is more important to you the salary or the job itself? (Fry, 2009)

Like any other person looking for employment, I suppose I am looking for a salary and benefits package in regard with my qualifications, experience and the role which you may place me upon. However to me it’s better and of great significance to be in a job I respect, enjoys doing and feel that I am making a significant contribution towards the success, growth and increase productivity of the business.

 Q Why should Boston Beer Company employ you rather than other employees? (Beshara, 2008)

Apparently I do not know about the quality of the other candidates, although they may have high quality for you to interview them. However let me think that by the end of this interview exercise I would have done enough to convince you that I have everything that you are looking for and that I am the best choice to take the task before me if I got the opportunity to join your company.

Q In your job, what is good enough?

Apparently, it would be very easy for me to sit here and tell you how good and readily I am to deliver the work required of me on time and to an acceptable quality by the company. That might be seen as simple as hand working but of what quality or significant is that work? However, my personal qualities and standard are higher than that. I like to look forward for ways to add a little bit extra to what I do. Supposing that I am an advocate of continuous improvement and good performance not change for change’s sake, but I’m always looking forward for a better ways of doing things whilst respecting existing traditions of the company (Krznaric, 2013).

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