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The Atheist Test


The existence of God is highly disbelieved by many atheists. The custom research paper discusses way some things are, such as the rising of the sun, for instance, remains to be statistical monstrosity to many people. However, others believe that there is a being or spirit that is superior to man that causes things to happen. The superior being is referred to as God. The atheist declaration that there is no God is unjustified. Several theories have been put across in an attempt to prove the existence of God. The Intelligent Design Theory by Ray Comfort is one of the theories which strongly argue that the existence of God is real. Comfort argues that the atheists’ statement that there is no God is wrong and is groundless. Comfort suggests that the statement is not made due to atheism but due to lack of knowledge about God.


Comfort argues that the knowledge of entire universe is credible evidence that proves the actuality of the existence of God. However, with a limited knowledge of the universe, one may say that there is no God. In other words, this means that you do not know if God’s existence is real or not. Therefore, this is not atheism but what is usually referred to as agnosticism. Comfort says it is similar to seeing a building and doubting whether or not there was a builder.

Perhaps, the statement that God does not exist is due to lack of faith. Understanding the existence of God requires strong faith. Faith means believing in things which cannot be seen. Comfort argues that faith is very significant in accepting things which are not known. A good example is how people believe there are unseen waves of television before their eyes while watching television. Similarly, God is neither flesh nor blood, but an invisible and eternal spirit, and, therefore, his existence can only be recognized by faith. Just like the waves of television, God cannot be experienced until his work is seen.

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In the Gospel of John 14:21, Jesus said that his powers and commandments are with those who sent him and whoever loves him will be loved by his father, and he too will love him and manifest himself to him. Jesus said ‘father’ referring to God. Therefore, this also proves that God’s existence is real. Indeed, God does exist but, as Comfort argues, the presence of God can only be experienced through seeing how things happen in universe. God is not a visible being, and therefore, as Comfort says, faith is the only way to appreciate the existence of God.

Also, Comfort supports his argument criticizing the statement of the atheists as untrustworthy and with no basis. This is because atheists have nothing to say in favor of the idea why one should disbelieve in God’s existence. Comfort argues that it is due to lack of knowledge that atheists do not accept the existence of God. Comfort describes the phenomenon as antagonism rather than atheism.


The fact that people believe in the existence of some things that they have not seen, such as the existence of television waves, is a strong argumentative point in support of Comfort’s argument. It is believed that there is a cause behind all things happening. Therefore, things which happen in universe have a cause behind them, which is believed to be a Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is referred to as God.

The Intelligent Design Theory by Ray Comfort is supported by strong arguments. According to the theory, God does exist.

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