Second Amendment a Constitutional Right Defending Yourself


In recent years, there has been a major debate on the issue concerning the right of citizens to own and keep arms. Moreover, this debate has resulted in differing opinions. The second amendment has proven to be a thorny security issue after the majority stakeholders has expressed their misgivings with regards the right for an individual to own a firearm. The matter has not yet been concluded because all the opinions brought forward have not been harmonized. There are those people who argue that the ownership of firearms should not be considered as a personal right, and hence, the firearms should be the sole property of the government. Conversely, there are other people who argue that the second amendment will facilitate the respect and upholding of personal rights. This paper will expound on the role of the second amendment and discuss the need for the protection of the Second Amendment.

The Role of the Second Amendment

The primarily role of the Second Amendment is to protect the rights of individuals to own firearms. A critical analysis of the amendment reveals that the ‘right of the people’ depicts protection of individuals’ rights to own guns. In the United States, the Second Amendment is notably the most vital constitutional amendment (Cornell, Saul, and Robert 43). Essentially, this amendment tries to establish a greater control over criminals in the United States.

Moreover, the second amendment protects all law abiding citizens. In essence, citizens need to be protected against criminals and people with ill intentions. Therefore, the amendment will grant protection against the potential security threats, including protection against the government of the United States. Americans need firearms to protect themselves and their property against criminals. For example, criminals will fear attacking a homestead or neighborhood where the dwellers are known to possess firearms. They will have to rethink their intentions before putting their lives in danger. In this regard, the second amendment instills fear in criminals when they want to attack the innocent. Researchers have proved that the use of firearms is the most effective means of protecting oneself against common criminals (Barton 35). All an individual needs to do is to be trained on how to handle the gun safely and what precautions should he take while using the firearm. Ultimately, the tenant will be able to keep his home safe and more so, save the life of an innocent person.

Also, the second amendment protects individuals against the government. Before the second amendment, the United States’ government used to ignore the needs of the people. The totalitarian government (that reigned at that time) used to strike out the needs and the public cry of the citizens. Therefore, the crafting of the second amendment was required to solve this national problem. It gave the Americans the power to fight back against an oppressive government which was very powerful (La 61). Hence, the government officials will be unable to abuse their power that is vested upon them by the constitution. It has been established that an unarmed society is more likely to be compliant to the declarations of the government without protesting. On the other hand, a society that is armed will question the declarations of the government because it has nothing to fear. Hence, it is essential for the members of the society to have firearms and know how to use them, in order to preserve liberty in the United States.

It also grants the citizens of the United States the right to defend themselves against any threats. In recent times, people have been faced with different threats all around the world. The criminals are becoming more cunning and determined to steal whenever they see an expensive item. Hence, it would not be enough to rely on the police force alone, when it comes to defense of the US citizens. Also, the courts of the United States have more than often explained that the role of the law enforcement agents is not just the pursue of the primary defense of the property of the citizens. This brings into perspective the need for the civilians to own firearms in order to protect themselves and their property. People should protect themselves by using firearms and ensure that their right to live is respected. Furthermore, firearms can be used to protect oneself and his family against rapists, robbers and other criminals. Undoubtedly, the second amendment has played a critical role in protecting the people and their properties.

Protecting the Second Amendment

There is a need to protect the second amendment against people who are not concerned with the security of individuals. The efforts by the government to pass sterner gun control laws should be opposed with great determinations. It seems the government has failed to realize the danger faced by the common citizens and hence, wants to implement stricter laws that govern the use of guns in self-defense. The perception that guns are to be blamed for the death of many people in the United States is a far-fetched argument. Logically, people kill other people by using a gun. Hence, blaming guns for the multiple deaths in different states is not the right way to approach this security issue. One should not fault the gun in case a psycho person decides to shoot dead an innocent victim. Would you blame the gun when a child gets hold of a gun that was left carelessly by his parents? Clearly, in both of these circumstances, people are the ones to be blamed for any death caused by the gun. The gun is simply a tool that facilitated the intentions of the accused. As the government continues to put more strict rules in the use of guns, it ought to know that guns are not the culprits of this security menace. Therefore, this calls for upholding and respect of individual’s right of bearing arms to protect themselves against criminals (Cottrol 27).

There should be no modifications made to the second amendment because, at its present nature, the amendment grants protection to the Americans. Presently, there are strict measures employed in the stores regarding the purchase of firearms. Before buying a firearm, an individual has to go through an exhaustive background check. He will only be permitted to purchase the firearm if he has a clean background. In case he had been convicted of felony, it would be difficult for him to purchase a gun. Evidently, there is no way a criminal will get hold of a firearm. Therefore, the second amendment is instrumental in protecting the lives of innocent people and should be protected at all cost.

The rights of the Americans in bearing arms should be protected in order to guarantee their safety. The founding fathers of the United States gave the American people protection against any internal or external threat. No one has got the right to strip these important rights form the American people. Even greedy political leaders should not be given any chance to misguide the population about social justice.

The American people call the elected representatives of the United States to stand against anyone, who intends to deny the people the benefits of the second amendment. This amendment advocates for the security of a free state. It elucidates that there should not be any infringement of the rights of the American people to have firearms for the self-defense purpose (Gonzales 49).

The proponents of the second amendment who advocated for its protection should reach out to the opposing group. They should convince them that the second amendment is important in safeguarding the rights of individuals. It has been established that the people who oppose this amendment, base their arguments on the wrong belief that the government has ultimate authority to place any laws that it desires. Nonetheless, this is a complete disappointment of the system of government that was created by the United States’ constitution. In protecting the second amendment, the opposing groups are discouraged against the use of wording in the amendment as it is still under dispute. However, the best way would be to build the discussion around other provisions that are found in the constitution. It will be imperative for them to base their debates on provisions that are not contradicting the federal convention of 1787.

The majority of the states has witnessed cases of gang wars and effects of militias. The danger posed by these groups of criminals is substantial enough to warrant urgent measures to solve this security menace. American people will only feel secure if their rights, which are highlighted in the second amendment, are respected. It is essential to protect this amendment to guarantee safety for those people who live in security-prone areas like New Mexico.


Increased criminal activities in different states pose a security threat to over 300 million Americans. The American people need to feel secure and protect themselves against criminals through the use of firearms. This is only possible if the second amendment is functional. Hence, there is a great need to protect the second amendment against greedy people who want to change it in pursuit of their personal benefits.

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