Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is a play authored By Samuel Beckett. In the play, the characters wait for Godot, but he does not arrive. The fact that Godot does not turn up has led to varying interpretations of the play. This essay will analyze Vladimir and Estragon as portrayed by Samuel Beckett and whether these two characters can be regarded as modern persons. Moreover, the paper will examine whether the heroic figure has deteriorated in the characters of Vladimir  and Estragon.

In the play, the two characters cannot be regarded as representative of modern persons. This can be depicted by the fact that these characters tend to portray some form of behaviors, which may not be present in modern persons. For example, at the start of the play, the two characters meet under a tree. This means that they have some traditional views of life;  men in the olden days used to meet and discuss some issues. The two characters do not represent modern persons since their aim of meeting under the tree is to wait for someone. This portrays them as idle and as persons who have little to do. They have ample time to waste, and this explains why they meet to wait for someone. As they wait for Godot, they get interrupted by a master and his slave. The master distracts their attention, and this indicates that they cannot be regarded as modern persons (Bachner, 2008).

The other reason why the two characters cannot be regarded as representatives of modern persons is because Estragon appears to be an assistant of Vladimir. This emanates from the fact that Vladimir seems to portray some form of superiority over Estragon. This can be depicted in the scenes whereby Estragon is seen to have challenges in memory, has to depend on his friend who tells him what he should do, and even faces challenges when he wants to remove his boots. All these portray that he is not a modern person as he is easily manipulated by other characters. Another instance, which shows that the two characters do not represent modern persons, is the fact that Vladimir is the one who has a direct connection with Godot while Estragon does not have this connection. He does not have the intellectual capacity and ability, which can match the knowledge that his friend Vladimir has (Beckett & Barnes & Noble Books, 2011).

Vladimir does not represent a modern person since he influences his friend Estragon and does not care about his friend. He considers himself superior to his friend and this does not characterize modern persons. Moreover, Vladimir does not care much about other people and the suffering they face. He gives little attention to the problems faced by his friend. Rather than helping Estragon, he takes advantage of him. The other reason why he does not represent a modern person is because he does not listen to other people’s ideas. Instead, he only wants other people to listen to him and not them to influence what he does. He wants other people to serve him and always be below him as opposed to him serving other people (Bloom & Infobase Publishing, 2008).

The heroic figure has deteriorated in the characters in the characters of Vladimir and Estragon. This is because the characters portray some behavior patterns, which can be regarded as inferior. Rather than appearing has heroes in the play, Vladimir and Estragon appear as weak characters who spend a considerable amount of their time while waiting for someone. They appear as underdogs in the play, and their contribution is looked down upon by the author. As such, the heroic figure in the two characters has totally deteriorated.

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