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It is known that a word in reality can imply more than a single thing. Therefore, language is somehow assumed to be tricky because sometimes it can reveal or hide some necessary information. It is argued that language can in fact conceal something while appearing to disclose some elements, which precisely happens to be the case attached to the word “Shakespeare.” Shakespeare mostly refers to a great playwright and poet. He is considered by many people to be among the best playwrights of the past. The influence of his works expands to the contemporary day where his stories are frequently revised into modern plots. It is commonly known that Shakespeare’s plots are unique and his characters and language are fascinating.

Shakespeare’s motifs are of actual use in the modern world and appear to be valued by the shrewd men of every country for the reason that he was obsessed with gaining knowledge about life and had a profound influence on modern writers as well. He can, therefore, be called as the one who provided us with knowledge that we could have otherwise not attained. Through his works, Shakespeare clearly provides readers with valuable information that is hard to obtain from other playwrights. Shakespeare is also meant to refer to the greatest genius in all letters because he seems to have vivid imagination and utilizes more art techniques that help him to acquire supplementary control over the human understanding as compared to any other poet.

In addition, Shakespeare through his plays can be termed as a mentor. By reading his plays, one can be guided and counseled on how to deal with the contemporary issues. From my point of view, Shakespeare provides several life lessons and it is excellent to teach material about Shakespeare in certain stages of life. I believe that a middle aged person and an older one will basically learn different things from Shakespeare. For a child, it is essential to see the interactions that exist within the human beings, their conflicts and how they are resolved. Shakespeare is thus assumed to establish and instill these certain forms of interaction among human beings, whereas guilt, hatred, and envy are all overcome. Establishment of Shakespeare’s work is somehow demanding and in most cases a lot of resistance in teaching occurs. The language is assumed to be odd, but his insights are in reality universal ones. 

Shakespeare is a distinctive representative of the renaissance who is in fact an author of the growing human bourgeoisie. Shakespeare is also a representative of some English people who were at hand in his theater. Shakespeare is truly a man who modified his art in a manner that his viewers felt as being at home. Concerning other definitions, Shakespeare is meant to imply the witticism that refers to a man who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. Most of the people after reading all Shakespeare’s works clearly conclude that the playwright in reality shakes a spear. Shakespeare is an English poet and playwright and his works are believed to be the greatest in the English literature. Most of the Shakespeare’s plays were performed at the London’s Globe Theater. They extend to include historical works like Richard II, tragedies such as King Lear, Othello and Hamlet and comedies which include As You Like It and Much Ado about Nothing. It will further be determined that Shakespeare also composed 154 sonnets. These are essentially his first and original works that he had once produced.

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