TV Show Analysis

The first video clip is an interview whereby Michelle Girard who is the RBS chief economist and Ken Volpert the Head of Taxable Fixed Income in Vanguard get to make an analysis on the numbers and proceed to share what they think about the economy and where people are supposed to invest. They go ahead to talk about fundamentals and market performance. From my understanding of the interview, market performance is used to analyse as well as enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to marketing. Professionals who use market performance come up with business processes meant for measurement and reporting as well as data collection. Girard and Volperts describe marketing professionals as those who get the information for the customers which enables them to make the organization have a strategic guidance.

The second video “Begins with home” is about the Syrian crisis and the next move that North Korea have. Nevertheless, Richard Haass, president of the Council of Foreign Relations strongly believes that the best way to solve the situation is to fix the problems the country has on a first hand basis. The interview thus highlights his opinions on the ways to change America’s infrastructure as well as what foreign policy changes will do for the country. Foreign policy means that the state is able to protect its interests as well as attain international goals.  The strategies talked about by Haass in the video include associating with other countries. Co-operating with other countries in a peaceful manner will also assist in safeguarding the national interests.

The third video “Batali: serving up big business” is an interview with Mario Batali a celebrity chef as well as a restaurateur about his culinary business and the tips he has for making it in the digital world. According to Batali the fact that digital technologies are spreading fast around the world, businesses have to interact with a lot of customers particularly by means of the media and the internet. Consumers today are not traditional in ways of purchasing and this is all thanks to the digital world.

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