The Basic Wants of all Individuals

Maslow defined the basic wants of all individuals as advancement from simple needs to more complex ones. He ranked the needs according to their importance to a person’s survival. The five basic levels of needs classified by Maslow are, survival, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization. He argued that one must meet the needs at the foundation of the hierarchy then proceed towards meeting higher-level needs. After one meeting their basic survival needs, he or she will then progress to the more complex needs such as safety, love, and self-esteem.

The advert on marine is more on the self-esteem need. This is the requirement of an individual to be thought well by others. It is where achievement, recognition, competency, and gaining approval take place. During early and middle adulthood, persons are especially concerned with achieving set goals and establishing their careers. This is clearly indicated in the advert, “You will become a stored protector of 235 years of tradition. You will faithfully serve with purpose. You will become the piercing tip of America’s sword. If you have what it takes to make it.” The advert insists on the capability of an individual being viewed as the best. This is seen in the advert by its emphasizing that one will become the piercing tip. 

McGuire developed a classification system that organizes the four motives, which he first divides based on the two criteria. The criteria are cognitive and affective motivation and preservation or growth motivation. This theory describes the wants for consistency, categorization, attribution, autonomy, objectification, stimulation, desired outcomes, tension reduction, utility, expression, assertion, reinforcement, ego-defense, identification, affiliation, and modeling.   

The advert on marines has more of the affective motive in it. Affective motives deal with the requirement to minimize or shun any tension, achieve gratifying feeling states, and attain individual goals. It mainly deals with the self-expression need category. This need deals with projecting an individual’s identity to others so that others know who they the individual is. This is seen in the advert by the statement, “you will become a stored protector of 235 years of tradition.” The advert also has ego defense need in it. This is an essential motive and concerns the need to protect oneself from social embarrassment and other threats to self-concept. The advert makes sure that it has shown that others will respect one. It also emphasizes on one’s capability to serve faithfully. This motive is essential since many people need to serve.

Emotional advertising usually appeals to clients making an attitude-based preference, based on global impressions and feelings, not exact attributes. Emotional benefits appeals to customers making attribute founded choices, which are decisions grounded on specific emotional attributes. Emotional appeals are put under two categories: positive emotional appeals and negative emotional appeals. The advert on marine has positive emotional appeal due to it triggering pride and prestige emotions.

The advert on marines ensures that it has caught the audience eye. This is achieved easily by the statement, “You will become the piercing tip of America’s sword if you have what it takes to make it.” This statement makes sure that it gets the emotions of all the people who come across it. The photo in the advert also shows how serious marines are and the statement saying that one will be all that if and only if he or she has what it takes to make it insists this. Hence, not everyone will be able to make it.

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