Script of Shot-by-Shot Movie Study

A shot-by-shot movie is prepared so that it can be viewed by people and be heard. However, movies are made for anybody to appreciate the concept feel and the mood of the movie. One of the important accepts that one should know on shooting the movie is examined elements of the movie.

When writing the script of the movie, one first learns the movie very well, however the personal learning of the movie should be the same as what the movie has contained. On the other hand, the most important part is to watch the movie as a whole, and from that perspective have an idea of what to make. When watching the movie do not take remarks, but be aware of the books that relate to the movie. After the resolute theory, watching the movie while noting the specific fundamentals that have been used by a filmmaker.

Short by Short is a movie that portrays a man who is enormously unstable and treacherous Englishman. The most portraying way they showed on the camera, were the descriptions of what they have forgotten something or somebody. However, the nature’s consideration of an exacting condition is portrayed in a way on the scene. When they are chatting on the scenes, images and sounds form the numerous settings and are splitted to give the audience or the filmmaker the satisfaction of their discussion.

On the settings sounds and imagery during when they are chatting it is always out of synch. Description of the shot-by-shot in terms of camera position is that the blast went down towards an angle where the camera slowly zooms, and it moves towards the limit of the border. At the back, there is a big space which has a lot of lights that is coming from the windows. The shot stage the tremendously long shot that moves closer but it is just a long shot. On the camera position high, it is believed to be located on a peak of construction and tilted onwards. The elements inside the image during the construction of the shot where the movie “cahiers du cinema” have maintained, “how” which is very important and the “what” in the movies. Hence, when viewing the picture first stabs lance the dark and light, and also the deepness in the focal point. In the relative to the background and also the foreground it always affects the reaction to the picture. It has believed that the coarse and white has a visual personality that promises its genuineness.

Methodological elements within the movie such as “color”- this is where the movie is a blast in black and white whereby the movie brought the colored pictures. However on past days the pictures were able to be colored but by 1930s, movies were able to have color sequences. Color is a vital element because it is used to mold patterns and also to set up character or feeling in a movie. Another element is lightings - actually most of the photographies and movies use non-natural light. The earliest movie that was used, never reacted to non-natural light but they responded to the brightest of the daytime.

Technologies of movie-making that have come today actually use artificial light. A set is an important aspect in the film-making because it sets the design or the setting of the sight. On the other hand, set design is always used to intensify the behavior, feeling and also the overall humor and this obtain the bodily, emotional, psychological, financial and educational meaning in the movie. Costume also implies to the person, the general costumes when using colors it implies or makes obvious distinctions among print. The connection of the shot or the idea of the shot can be developed completely through restriction.

However description and explicit in order are contained in the shot that are accompanied by the sound track. This idea helps the writers in determining the narrative which gives the editor to make a choice. With the overall connection of the film with the theme is that we refer to the general structure of the shots, sequences, and the scenes in the way that the narrative is set to the spectators. However arrangement in the motion picture may be obtainable from a storyboard, and also the hallucination procedure can be writing or restriction course (George 1964).

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