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Black Holes

Astronomical studies have led to the discovery of many things that were unknown to mankind previously. There have been many discoveries over the years, some of which are beneficial to the human race while others are, in a way, destructive. Some people argue that these studies are destructive in nature and are tampering with the natural creation. However, these studies are still ongoing and they open a source of revolution to the Earth and the human race as a whole. Some of the discoveries are the black holes, which have so high gravitational pull that nothing can escape it. The exploration of space and black holes research opens the door to many opportunities and scientific breakthroughs that could revolutionize the Earth and humankind, as well as create many economic benefits for us. It is, therefore, important to explore the possible benefits of these objects to men and the Earth, and how they can help to make our lives better (Sipiera 64).

Through the astronomical studies, one finds out that the formation of galaxies is a process that can be learnt by studying the black holes. The studies can help in revolutionizing the Earth as they explain and rule out any possibility of the Earth coming to the destruction by a black hole. Studies show that a black hole can only destroy objects that come close to it. However, when the distance between a black hole and another object is huge, the chances of destruction such object by a black hole are minimal. This means that the Earth is in a safe position. Galaxies form in this manner as they are pulled by the high gravity of the black holes. The pull of gravity is so high in the black hole that it can gobble a star anywhere near it. This explains the fact that there are many galaxies in the Universe, as well as helps astronomers learn how they are formed. A black hole provides a single source of information on how the galaxies form and what causes them to form in such a manner (Sipiera 64).

Rau concludes that the concept of gravity and its ability to keep everything on the ground can be used to explain how black hoes keep everything inside. The research shows that nothing that enters the black holes comes out again because it loses a sense of time and does not have a chance of escaping once it goes past the event horizon. The shield around black holes separates it from the other parts of the Universe. Even light that travels at a very high speed cannot escape the massive gravitational pull of the black holes (Rau 56).

The benefits of black holes to humankind may not be as clear as one expects. However, according to researchers, there are some economic benefits. People can use X-rays that are formed by high temperatures due to existence of the black holes. The high temperatures are the result of the matter gobbled by the black holes merging with the matter that was already in the hole. This causes emission of X-ray light that is used in different spheres of human life. X-rays help people in organizing more research, thus, making everyday life easier and better. Majorly the X-rays are used in the medical field where they help in finding the correct diagnosis and, therefore, curing many diseases. X-rays are widely used in researches aimed at developing drugs. The X-rays are also used in food industry where they help to study the level of contamination and the structures of food particles. So, first of all, the scientists and researchers who require X-rays to perform their duties benefit from existence of black holes as their source.

Studying black holes helps provide information about the Universe and the risk of being absorbed by the black holes. Researchers claim that the Earth is safe from the black holes gravity as it is situated too far from any of them, but it is not clear how long it can be in safe position considering that there are many undiscovered black holes in the Universe. Sometimes it is difficult to detect the black hole because it can be covered by dust particles.

By studying black holes, scientists understand the origin of gravity, as well as the way it works. Some studies explain that gravity might have been formed because of a big bang, but this fact is not proven yet. Such studies may be of great benefit in revolutionizing the Earth and using gravity to man’s advantage. However, to get these benefits, it is important to understand gravity rules fluently, including the research of the gravity power in the black holes. The black holes, therefore, provide natural laboratories where a scientist can perform all the experiments he desires just by observing the events taking place whenever a black hole gobbles a substance. Such observation provides all the information required on how a black hole destroys everything into singularity. According to Thorne (p.73), gravitational pull of the black holes was created by waves that are similar to the ripples seen when something is thrown into a pool of water. This shows that gravity can be created, and if this is true, then this simple piece of information can be used to determine many effects of gravity and how it works. By using such information, scientists can determine how it works best in a gravity zone and even create things that can work against gravity (Thorne 73).

It is also interesting to note that, according to scientific research, entering a black hole either by chance or by choice can be your ultimate end as the black hole destroys everything that comes near it. So there are many things in the Universe that have possibly been destroyed by the black holes.

Exploration of the black holes and their high gravitational pull can provide humankind with information on how to travel to different parts of the Universe very fast. However, I do not believe this because of the destructive nature of the black holes. We need to discover ways of moving through space using black holes by conducting proper studies on how one can go through the black hole without being ripped apart.

On the other hand, according to Couper, Nigel and Luciano, it is important for everyone to thoroughly examine all the benefits of these studies of the Universe and their effects on the life of men (Couper, Nigel and Luciano 56).There are many cases where human studies have led to the destruction of the natural balance that existed before people began exploring the Universe. It is undeniable that the studies of the Universe have numerous benefits, but there are cases when these studies had negative effects on the life of people. It is not clear whether the black holes are totally beneficial to human beings as they are a source of destruction to many objects in the Universe and exploring them may lead to dire actions that might destroy the Earth. Now scientists are focused on creating equipment that enables them to view these black holes. However, the effects of black holes may be more serious than we expect. These objects are numerous and the fact that many of them still remain undiscovered in the Universe shows that we know just a small part of information about the black holes. One of the clear facts about the black holes is that time does not exist there. Scientists claim that when observing an object going into a black hole, they see it moving in a slow motion. It ends the aspect of time as one is slowly ripped apart by the strong gravitational pull. The destruction of things in a black hole does not have any benefits to the human race as it acts as a destructive tool (Hawking 67).

Scientific studies have played a huge role in making the Universe a better and safer place to live. Numerous researches are conducted daily in order to get to know more about the Earth and the Universe.. Some of the discoveries are beneficial to the human race and help in revolutionizing the Earth, while others are a source of destruction to humankind. However, all discoveries have their good and bad side that helps to make the life better. It is, therefore, important to utilize the benefits of these discoveries to counter its negative effects. This is the case with the black holes, which are the potential source of energy, but also because the source of destruction to anything that goes near them.

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