The Meaning or the Fight

In the article Blight David talks main objective is highlighting about the Civil War at the time of the Afro Americans as said by Frederick Douglass. David makes arguments as to the causes of the Civil War and the good results coming out of it especially since African Americans got their freedom. The Civil War happened between 1861 and 1865 (A & E Television Networks, 2013). This only means that the high number of soldiers who died was not for nothing and therefore they ought to be commemorated always. David’s primary thesis is that the civil war should always be remembered and that is why in the article he talks about the memorial made to Robert Gould Shaw by Saint Gauden as well as the Fifty-fourth regiments that happened in Massachusetts, Boston (Blight, 1995).

As a way to support his main argument, Blight highlights about Douglass’s challenges during the Civil War and how he worked hard to bring out the injustices that were being placed particularly on the black soldiers (Blight, 1995). Douglass did not appreciate the role he played in the Civil War predominantly as he was the orator, recruiter and even editor. In a way, this shows the determination the United States had to do away with slavery.

In my view, the strengths of this article are that it first and foremost David the author has ensured that his readers comprehend his main point. This means that his subject matter is very pertinent especially to the topic. The article is also well organized and so it has a flow.

The only weakness however, I found was that the article was particularly too long to explain just one main argument the author had. I believe it could have been short and still straight to the point. Reason being, a long article can make the reader tired to read the whole of it.

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