Selling Over Sea and Marketing in another Country


This report briefly introduces the Burberry Company as a firm which majors in manufacturing luxury fashion brands (Reuters, 2013). It then narrows down to one of the Company product; a fragrance known as The Beat. This is a men’s fragrance popular with US male population. The report, therefore, provides the feedback of the research which was looking into how this product can be introduced to and marketed in to a foreign country. It identifies Kazakhstan, one of the Asian countries, as the new market to be ventured into. This is because of the many positive factors which encourages the process of establishing a business in the country as well as the many social and economic factors which will boost the sales of the fragrance. Kazakhstan has a stable economy and market policies which ensures a conducive environment for a new business (Johnson, 2013). The report also indentifies a strategic place to locate the business, as well as marketing strategies the Company should use to popularize the product within a short period of time.


Burberry Group PLC is originally a British luxury fashion house (Reuters, 2013).  It majors in the production of items such as, lady’s and men’s clothing, shoes, bags, watches as well as fragrances, for example, perfumes and colognes (Fragrantica, 2008).   It has branches all over the world. In the United States, it manufactures and markets fragrance brand known as The Beat. This is a men’s fragrances which is very popular the youth and even the married population. I am also one of the users of this fragrance and therefore, I can recommend it to all men who have a sense of elegant scent. This report therefore, aims at finding a new foreign market where this fragrance will be introduced, popularized and market for the benefit of clients and the company as well.

Description of the product

The product that I aim at marketing abroad is a men’s fragrance known as The Beat. It is manufactured by the Burberry Company in the US (Moore & Grete, 2004). The Beat for Men is made of blends of frosted ginger, grapefruit and wheatgrass with marine notes, red ginger and juniper berry (Fragrantica, 2008).  Scent finishes with white musk, woods, cedar and dry amber for a masculine air (ibid). The fragrance is available in various sizes, for example, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml (Burberry, 2008). The prices of the fragrance also vary from $ 20 to as much as $ 100 depending on the size.

The market to venture in is an Asian country called Kazakhstan. It has an estimated population of around 16.8 Million (Johnson, 2013).  There are several factors which encourage the establishment of the firm as well as the use of the fragrance. Firstly, the people of Kazakhstan highly embrace the use of fragrances in their daily lives, for example, they use Muslim perfumes during social gatherings such as weddings, and therefore, they will buy this new fragrance in large numbers, for such occasions. This fragrance will highly be embraced by male youths and even the married men of the Kazakhstan population. Another encouraging factor is the GDP of the country is high, therefore, the citizens are relatively economically stable, thus are able to afford the fragrance. According to The Heritage Foundation (2013) indicates that the economic status of Kazakhstan is ranked 68 among the free economies in the world. The freedoms include property rights, freedom from corruption, and trade freedom. The process of launching a business in Kazakhstan involves six procedures, with no minimum capital required, this will make the introduction of the fragrance firm very simple (The Heritage Foundation, 2013). Labor regulations are also relatively flexible as well as monetary stability in the country encourages the business. There are several factors which may discourage the business, for example, the government continues to exercise price-control measures.

Because the raw materials needed to manufacture the fragrance are not available in Kazakhstan, the product will have to be imported into the country. The major means of transport into the country from USA is by air. This is because the product is not very bulky, and air is a fast means of transport due to the geographical distance between the two countries.

The sales center of the fragrance should be the capital city of Kazakhstan; Astana. This is because of the high population of the town which provides a large market for the product. The city is also thronged by visitors from other Asian countries who are prospective buyers of the fragrance.

Since the product is new in the Market, the sales process should majorly be through mobile sales person who walk around promoting and selling the product to prospective consumers in institutions, offices and even homes. Meanwhile, a retail outlet should be strategically located in the city center.  This will help in popularizing the fragrance.


Firstly, the Burberry Company should employ large sales personnel who will take part in door to door promotion of the product to the people of Kazakhstan. Secondly, they should also embrace non-price sales promotions, for example, advertising over the mass media (). Thirdly, they should lower the price of the product in order to attract more buyers who were probably locked out by the high prices of the commodity as it is sold in the USA.


The sales of the fragrance will blossom in the new market because of the characteristics of the market. A factor such as economic stability of the Kazakhstan citizens means that they are able to afford the product. The citizens are also wide users of fragrance in their social events; therefore, they will include this one in their shopping list.

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