How Values Affect Career


Values can be defined as qualities, principles and objects or goals that an individual perceives as having intrinsic worth. Each and every individual has personal hierarchy of values that drives him or her to attain or achieve certain goal or objective. This may include companionship, independence, survival, goal-oriented, monetary comfort, teamwork, security, creativity, and success and sense of achievements.

Individuals unconsciously behave in manner they can move themselves towards what they value and move away from things that counter their values. Therefore if they posses what they value then they are satisfied and if they lack what they value then they feel dissatisfied.

This essay describes my human relation strategy for success in terms of qualities or principle and ways to improve my leadership and motivation skills


Teamwork involves some interactions with people. My personal values may significantly result the quality and type of interaction I am having with other people since some people may prefer environment which is warm and others may prefer independent and formal place of work. Consequently working closely with other employee, there is likelihood to feel satisfied in an organization and have an opportunity to pursue my goal and objective (Garfinkle, J. 2011).

 Sometimes it’s important to work independently since working in groups or teams can be boring and working alone is necessary in order to feel satisfied.


Working in an organization that enhances creativity and innovative will make me feel more satisfied because the organization has allowed me to explore and develop new ideas in order to increases my contribution towards the organization. Similarly the environment which is supportive in providing solutions to the problems using my creativity and innovativeness is more preferable and enjoyable and this will increase curiosity to identify and evaluate new ideas to the problem that might come across (Garfinkle, J. 2011).


Working in an organization that gives me the freedom to set my own goals and objectives and value the employees who are independent is more satisfied. Working independently without supervision is more satisfying unlike the in the occupations with many rules and regulations, intensive supervision and consultations with other workers.


Job security is the core value that one should be concerned with. Working in an organization which is predictable then it’s likely for me to become dissatisfied and stressful, and I will be comfortable with change and variety hence becoming less stressful (Lock, R. 2005). Changing organizations and roles frequently is likely to be satisfying with my career path and this will increase my jobs experience all over fields.

Monetary comfort

If I place low value on financial gains or incentives and high value on professionals the I will be more satisfied because I will be able to judge you efforts to the success of the organization rather than how much money I have made from the organization. It is satisfying to take low paying job if I will acquire new skills or increase my skills using my professional expertise.

Career development

It is more enjoyable to work in an organization that gives me an opportunity to develop my work related skills. It is more satisfying to work in a position that constantly upgrades my skills than in higher position where I will acquire no or fewer skills directly linked to my job (Lock, R. 2005).


Personal values are necessary for one to be satisfied in developing his or her career as well as increasing the skills.

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