Formal Communication

Formal communication is that communication which streams through a stipulated network. It may be written or oral. Members of Marriott International communicate with one another through formal communication network. In formal communication network, business hierarchical structure is followed where each employee has a set status and position. Marriott International has more number of hierarchical levels. There exists an official relationship between the sender and the receiver (Dumaine & the Better Communications Team, 2004).

In Marriott International there is a formal communication channel based on clearly defined rights, duties, and responsibilities. Different levels and stages through which communication passes in an organization is called communication channel. This channel is formed by the rules of Marriott International. Knowledge of the nature and flow of formal communication can be had from the structural pattern of business organization.

Formal network can be compared to the network of arteries and veins in the body. The flow of information can be downward, upward or lateral. For example, a top executive passes a command to his immediate subordinate executive who passes the desired command to the next executive for necessary action. Marriott International formal communication takes place through internet, e-mail, sales presentations, tele-conferencing and so on (Munter, 2003).

Formal communication assists in maintaining the authority structure of Marriott International and thus, responsibility of subordinates for actions carried out by them can be fixed. It helps in developing good business relations between the superior and junior staff, which leads to better co-operation, and co-ordination among employees. Since information passes through proper channels, it is authentic and avoids any rumor. It provides an opportunity to the superior staff to have control over the activities of the subordinates. It is concerned with the authorized message only, any personal message are out of its jurisdiction (Merrier, Logan & Williams, 2010).

Formal communication consumes a lot of time. Even a small piece of information passes through diverse levels in the organization. This slows down the execution process. It does not allow growth of social and emotional bonds. Sometimes transmission of information through different levels in Marriott International distorts the message.

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