Communication in Business

Global business ethics call for professional advice in management of a crisis. Spin doctoring is a mere glimpse of the real situation. It gives false reassurance thus delaying crucial aspects in averting the crisis. The case was estrous to the cocoa cola company as even the other product of the company was now a slow stock. Business communication is a crucial aspect for the success of a business. It entails the conveying of information to the customers. The Coca-Cola poisoning scare did take place in Belgium in the year 1999. The victims were 100 Belgium kids. The poisoning of the kids led to the ban of the coca cola products in Belgian (Rohm, 2005). The number is said to be more than one hundred. The youngsters were not spared the death threat. The government had advised the mothers to pour the cocoa cola drink in the drain. It was evident the stomachs of the young stars were vomiting with lots of pan. This is was the worst case scenario for the company. This is a momentous food scandal in the whole country. The growing scare in regard to the soft drink poisoning scared possible customers from drinking the coca cola drinks. This meant that there was spread of negative information on the market. This was not only inn Belgian but also the rest of the world where the company was operating. It was disastrous to the even the distributors of the soft drink in the whole world. The scare forced the company to ban it completely for a long period of time. There was substantial loss of revenue for the company. The stores were forced to clear the stock as a loss. This was detrimental to the future growth prospects of the company. The clearance of soft drinks in Belgian did spread to other countries such as Holland and France. The shake up of the Coca Cola was likely to assist rival companies to penetrate the market with a lot of ease. This was a health care scare to the entire client fraternity. The country of France subsequently banned the soft drink as a result of the poisoning scandal and disaster. The other brands of Coca Cola which suffered the fate were sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid and the fruit juices (Druggists' circular, 1907).

Coca cola poisoning case

The cause of the poisoning was due to the metals, which were used, to make cans. The metal caused the poisoning of the drink. This was toxic to the bottling of the drink. The metal poison caused the illness. It was inappropriate the case was disastrous to the operations of the company. Some of the shop owners took advantage of situation to sell and search for the drinks in low prices. The company was however not optimistic to the situation of loosing the anticipated revenue. There is mismatch of the essence of the company being involved in the supply of the drinks. The case was a dioxin crisis in the whole country. There was a possibility the case or the imports were from UK but there was no sufficient information about the crisis. There was fear among families in shops in Holland, France and Germany. There was a clean bill of health from the government in regard to the crisis (The American journal of clinical medicine, 1907).

Methods of Coca Cola Company Communicating With the Customers in Times of a Crisis

Business communication is crucial for the company especially during the crisis. The communication will assist to pass the correct information to the potential and existing clients. The first method was to clear the air about what caused the poisoning. The company ought to say the cans were outsourced by the company so it was the mistake canning agency. The carbonation of the drinks was a failure on the company as it was supposed to undertake due diligence of the canning company. The results of the scientific testing of the dinks need to be published for clear scrutiny. The social media is a crucial tool in reversing the negative information. Through the adverts, the increased quality often product will be publicized for the standards often drinks. These will improve the reliability of the drinks. Product differentiation was another method for communication (The Wall Street journal, 1957). New brand with perceived high quality will be introduced to the market. This will change the perception of the customers toward the poisoning crisis. Advertisement will handle the adverse selection and information in the market. Differentiation will also take the form of rebranding of the company products to reverse the negative information. The management needs to initiate new quality measures and compliance of the set standards by the national bureau of standards. The standards will take the form of the chemical content of the drinks (Kelville, 1888). 

There is a perception often coca cola company as a western company aimed at imperialistic often drinks market. The centre for safety and communication in regard to drinks need to publish its report to the company. The bottling standards of the drinks as set by the manufacturers need to be observed by the company.

Discussion of Whether Spin Doctoring is Appropriate

The idea of spin doctoring is the worst method in the management of a crisis. It is inappropriate to use it in the event thee is a crisis. Most public relations expert regard to be unprofessional in public communication

The Major Issues in the Spin Doctoring in Relation to Business Communication

The spin-doctors do not normally ask for help from the experts. They think to know everything. This is the worst case for the solution to a crisis. They do not admit to inability to solve an external public affair of a company. Spin doctoring was a crisis and miss in public relations. The business communication needs an understanding of the impending danger. Bad news is a kin to the organization of the company. Bad and negative information is isolation to the company (Pharmaceutical journal, 1884). This is what happened to the company of coca cola. There is need to gather courage to deal with the spreading news. It is the responsibility of the of the spin doctors responsibility o maintain positive communication to the media. Trust worthy and reliable information is crucial to the success of a business. Spin doctors do not depend on the quality of the information. The spin doctors will throw stones on the quality of information in the market. The spin doctors say uncomfortable and wayward words to hit negatively the business name. The Coca Cola Company needs not to involve the spin doctors in averting the crisis of the soft drink already in the dinks market. Weasel words tend to pacify anger. The spin doctoring involves provision of false assurance to the solution of a crisis facing a company (Gas journal, 1849). The spin doctors were responsible for misleading the coca cola company to move slowly to the rectification of the company wrong information. The false information provides was false hopes in times of a crisis. The reassurance and false information will mislead the company decision making process. This is what happened to the company of company during the soft drink poisoning crisis and disaster. False assurance creates false confidence in a company facing a crisis (Samaha, Palmatier, & Dant, 2011).

Positive Impacts in Business Communication

 Business communication is crucial to the success of a business. It averts the circulation of false information regarding the company. The poisoning was a draw back for the coca cola company. The essence of the communication is to prevent the loss of the existing customers due to the crisis. The clients’ will have information regarding the right position of the company. The relevance of the growth of the business will ensure the growth of the business.

Negative Impacts in Business Communication in Relation to the Poisoning Case

There is a tendency to circulate information, which will hurt the performance of the company in the industry. This means the companies will loss substantial information. The push to restructure the company management due to the crisis is unwelcoming to the corporation. The loss of the influential managers will amount to the loss of value to the cocoa cola company. The negative business communication will lead to loss of revenues to the company (Bronte%u0308, 2008). The use of the toxic metal for canning is not the mistake of the company. It was a spread error to underpin the regulatory and safety standards of the company. This is the spread of false information in relation to the company (Keri, Malone & Bailey, 2005).

Summary and Conclusion

The poisoning case was very disastrous to the performance of the company. This led to the banning of the coca cola products in many countries. Even the products of coca cola like fanta, sprite were also affected in the crisis. The trust of spin doctoring is not appropriate to the management of a crisis. This was a worst-case scenario for the company. The spin doctoring will give false information and false reassurance to the company facing a crisis. This is detrimental to the company. The negative impact of business communication is the passing of information, which will lead to the further loss of revenue to the company. The positive impact of business communication is it aids to remove the spread of false information concerning the entire company. This is due to the exaggeration of the crisis by the rival product providers in the industry. This is an illustration of a moral hazard manifestation in the operations of the company.

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