The Baton Rouge General Medical Center

The Baton Rouge General Medical Center in lose angelus U.S, is one of the best hospitals around, its mission, improving lives and strengthening our community by proving exceptional healthcare, (Baton Rouge General, 2012) shows how much they value life.    The Dauterive Hospital is also among the best; though offer fewer services than the Baton hospital. It was named a key performer in the year 2011. The Baton survey results submitted in the year 2013 show that it has a more rating of preventions to medication errors, than the Dauterive. Baton Center has a very big merging between the ratings of appropriate ICU staffing, since the in Dautrive hospital, shows that they do not have enough appropriate ICU staffing. In the reduce ICU infections department, it shows that in the Dauterive rating that it does not apply, meaning they do not give the services unlike in Baton, whose rating is on the high.  In the maternity care, both hospitals offer good services, in that they have the same rating. (Theleapfrog group, 2012)

            The hospital rating show how good a hospital is, and what services they are good at providing. This influences the demand of clients coming to the hospital. It is very important for a hospital to offer good services and at the same time try being the best. Most clients want the best treatments, therefore going for the best hospitals. It is the responsibility of the hospital management to make sure, that a client would recommend the hospital for their good service, and this leads to increase of more clients.

            A healthcare administrator plays a big role in the managing of the facility. He should see to it that the facility develops and grows to be a more productive place and is rated or recommended by most of the people around its environment. He should manage it in a way that it operates smoothly. He should know how to handle unscheduled care, such as accidents and emergencies, cardiology and stroke cases. Time observation should be considered in scheduled care, managing of surgeries and other operations should not be delayed according to the scheduled time. Each clinical division should have a general manager, a lead nurse, a midwife and a clinical director to help facilitate running of the hospital in a more manageable way (NHS, 2013).

            JCAHO is an abbreviated word for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. It is a private sector organization developed to help maintain quality in medical facilities. It makes sure those private sectors are registered in order to be recognized as standard facilities. AHA is an abbreviation for American Heart Association (American heart association, 2012). It enhances appropriate cardiac care to help reduce death cases caused by stroke and cardiovascular diseases. According to University Information Technology Services (2013), HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. These are rules designed to improve the effectiveness of the health care system in the US. NCQA is an abbreviation for National Committee for Quality Assurance.  It is a non-profit organization in the US designed to help improve health care services. It helps better services provided to the public by the hospital.

            Ethical standards by JCAHO are used to help develop that good ethics is good management therefore there is good practice (Msdistributors, 2013). The Ethical principle to AHA, is respecting human life, dignity and worth to every human in order to promote the value of work. HIPAA have their own Ethical principles focused on the cases of incidental disclosures used in the daily bases interactions of the patients and physicians. NCQA has set there ethic principles to improving of quality, patient experiences and to reduce charges.

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