Farmingville is a small town in Suffolk County, New York with a population of around 15000, the large number being the Latinos and Latino immigrants. Most of these people had left their country of origin due to poverty to come and search for already available jobs in Suffolk County that were ‘low wage’ labors, in construction and restaurant industries. The large number of immigrants in the town, who seemed to flood everywhere: workplace, homes, rental houses, and streets, was overwhelming to the local citizens. The local politician used the ideology of ethnic cleansing creating fear and hatred amongst the residents. The wake of summer 2005, the government of Farmingville started forcefully evicting homes for the Latino and Latino immigrants. Several homes were evicted, but when they reached the 11th house, the families refused to move and asked for the council explanation. Politicians in the area were capitalizing the residents fearing and using the anti-immigrant slogans to win votes.

To counter the problems facing Farmingville, many groups were formed; one of them was Sachem Quality of Life group. The SQL blamed day laborers for the high rise of crime and overcrowding in the residential areas and streets. The group, which was formed to counter Latinos invasion, used conspiracies to spread fear and hatred among the residents. The followers of the groups carried pluckers on the street shouting and chanting racial words. These conspiracies and hatred spread deeply among the community to an extent two men of Spanish origin were lured to a basement in pretense to offer them jobs. Little did they know they were being led to a trap, the two men were beaten and stabbed close to their death. The incident led to conviction of the two men for hate-based attempted murder. In contrary to the purpose of the conviction, the communities grew very big apart.

The Latinos were facing many difficulties in countering the abuses and discrimination from the locals. To fight for their rights, the immigrant advocates and the day laborers arranged a mutual help association called Human Solidarity in order to stand up to the racial differences the Latinos were facing. The day laborers, who were at the losing end, had to come up with ideas that could reduce the animosity between them and the locals and eventually, joined them as one community. The workers came together to work on a local school’s field landscape with the intention of playing the universal game soccer together as a community (, 2004).

Farmingville faced a very difficult moment during the time; the locals were accusing the laborers, who were mostly Latinos, of lawlessness, noise, and overcrowding (Braziel, 2000). On the other hand, Latinos, who were mostly day laborers, faced discrimination and abuse from the locals to the extent of being forcefully being evicted (, 2004). In my opinion, the Latinos had a lower hand in this situation, but despite the abuse and hardship, they came up with groups to fight for their rights and at least bring communities together. The locals, who had the upper hand in regard of support, could have countered the problems facing Farmingville instead of escalating them by forming anti-racial groups.

The conflict was mainly a battle for supremacy (IMDb, 2004). Due to the large number of Latinos who were flocking in the town in search for labor, the locals felt like they were being suffocated and soon could be extended. They had to react for their presence to be felt. There was also the issue of the politician using of racial differences to their advantage. They used conspiracies to spread fear, hatred, and resistance among the community only in order to win their votes.

Hiring hall is a good strategy, but there are many other ones that are to be implemented. The strategy of hiring hall brought the community together in one neutral ground where they could raise their differences and try to come up with a better solution to them (IMDb, 2004). Using school syllabus to educate children, familiarizing them on various cultures in the world, how diverse they are, but overall, they share a lot of similarities, and playing sports help to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together.

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