Descartes Mediations

Responding to classmate 1, I agree with the comment in regards to Descartes 3rd meditation. He states that there is a cause to each idea and the cause is as real as the original idea. According to Descartes, ideas arise from outside the individual and they are not dependent on a person’s will. The ideas get into a person’s mind without their will (Descartes, 2010). For instance when we say we are feeling warm or cold this means that the feeling is emanating from something that is external. I also agree that there is a supreme being responsible for the ideas people have. Reason being God is the only perfect being capable of even the unheard of and big things. In the third meditation, Descartes describes God as something that is unchangeable, infinite, supremely powerful, and supremely intelligent (Descartes, 2010).

In response to classmate 2, I do not agree that Descartes ideologies are hard to understand, on the contrary. He uses grammar and facts that anyone can comprehend. Compared to other philosophers, his work is among those that I find easy to figure out. In regards to the existence of God, again I support Descartes especially because people’s thoughts do not come from themselves, which only means that there is a higher supreme responsible for the thoughts people have and this is how he overcomes the problem of 'solipsism. The issues of whether God exists or not in my opinion depends on how people look at the facts they have on hand. Nevertheless, by looking at people’s existence, it is very clear that there is a higher power giving people life and everything else that has life. In Descartes words, the way in which God created a person is perfect and similarly he put ideas and thoughts in people, which they use in their everyday living (Descartes, 2010).

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