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The program ‘Ready for Love’ is one of the most watched daily programs on National Broadcasting Television Station. The program is aired on NBC on Tuesday 9/8C. This is an episode about the search for love by a Rock star. However, the broadcasting company has tried to boost its image through linking it with Zeebox. During the program, this advert is quite common. This is a business and marketing advert about NBC. It is aimed at boosting its signals and transmission online. This is because Zeebox is a social TV and network which is readily available on iPhones, iPad, and Android. This includes comments from the viewers and friends.

This advert on NBC about Zeebox is culminated as an interactive TV sidekick. Zeebox is shown in different sizes with its trademark. The advert also appears in a commentary, which is both in voice and in a written form. The commentary lures the program’s viewers. It states that one can make his TV much better by the use of Zeebox. It is referred to as a free app which is available on Android, iPhone, iPad and laptop. It is one of the ways you can share, connect, interact and discover live streaming. The ‘Z’ trademark is evident on the picture that is shown on the screen. The product is shown in various sizes. That is the picture of iPads and iPhones are shown.

During the streaming of the advert, several ways to use the product is given. This can be done by choosing favorite shows and discover the ‘zeetags’, which are real, by clicking what is on the screen. More so, one can check what his or her friends are watching, thus can invite them for chat and interaction. The advert also focuses on the celebrities as one can get live ads and updates about sports and even win prizes. The other advantage of the product is its ability to be used in chats and twits. Lastly, the advert calls the audience to purchase the product as it is on the screen. These explanations are attached under the pictures of the products. They appear in different colors and this is quite appealing to the viewers.

This advert is quite relevant and it is quite encouraging to the viewers. It helps in promotion of technological advancement. It is one of the ways of appreciating technological growth. The product is quite relevant as it enhances the company to improve its services through the interaction with the viewers. The viewers are quite vital as they become active especially while the live chatting and twitting about the program, which is ‘Ready for Love’. The viewers comment about some of the cast like Tim Lopez, who is the star, Ben Patton, Ernest Arguello and Amber Kelleher, who is the matchmaker. At the end of the program in case of suspense, the viewers can participate in a ‘guess of what will happen next’. Therefore, Zeebox is kind of cool, incredible and quite a companion for most viewers. It is also a social site which encourages a communal living. It is a way of getting more friends with similar interests. The product is also multipurpose as one can play his or her favorite music and videos. The advert allows one to contemplate on the episodes during the commercial break. The advert came at an interval of fifteen minutes which is the best interval to allow for detailed chat about the show.

Thus, this product is very relevant to the program ‘Ready for love’. Consequently, the product should be advertized more during other programs to popularize it. It therefore implies that through such adverts people will be able to imply technology. In addition, social and communal living is encouraged. This links friends and viewers with similar interests.

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