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Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophy Paper Topics Ideas That Will Make Your Student Life Easier

Contrary to popular misconception, writing a philosophic essay is not going to be easy as ABC, even though philosophy is an inexact science. Although painstaking research is more commonly associated with exact sciences, such as math or chemistry, writing a powerful philosophy paper will equally require much pre-writing work, additional reading, and following established rules. In order to create a brilliant essay, it is necessary to select a topic that interests you so that you are willing and ready to plunge into the research. We have prepared a long philosophy paper topics list to make your life a little easier. Besides, we offer a brief guideline that you can use along with the philosophy essay topics ideas. Taking into account the basic requirements outlined below means that you raise your chances of writing an essay the professor expects to see.

What Is So Special about a Philosophy Essay?

You must be wondering what makes philosophy papers different from the rest of the writing tasks you receive at college. Even though all essays share some similarities (structure, thesis statement writing, tone, etc.), you will soon realize that the tasks from your Philosophy teacher do not resemble any other essays you have written.

Once you have chosen a topic from our philosophy paper topics list, you have to understand which idea you want to convey to your future readers. This is different from simply stating your opinion because your goal will be to persuade the readers and prove that your argument is credible. Ideally, the readers should believe you to an extent that they accept your position as their own. That is why it is critical to draw your ideas from interesting philosophy topics – you can only persuade someone in something if you believe in what you are saying.

Philosophy Essay Structure

Make sure you have a clear picture of what you are going to talk about; otherwise, you will not be able to create a coherent piece with appropriate flow. It is only logical to assume that the lack of knowledge about the subject prevents you from communicating your ideas in a clear and persuasive way. There will not be so many A-grade essays in your class, but those who manage to create an excellent paper, always follow this plan:

  • Come up with a strong thesis statement
  • Explain it to the reader and back it up with evidence
  • Support their position with credible information
  • Present their ideas in a logical order
  • Ensure appropriate sentence flow

If you are not sure how to write a philosophy paper, just follow this brief guide.

Brilliant Topics for Philosophy Paper Assignments

There are numerous philosophy paper topics, so it might be difficult to select the one that will help you earn a good grade. What can help you make the correct choice is the understanding of the writing process – you will have to conduct research, analyze the information, and present it in a compelling manner. Therefore, an ideal topic is the one which is discussed in voluminous literature, as well as the one you understand and like. The reader must be 100% sure that you understand what you are talking about. Only then will you be able to write a strong essay.

We have prepared a list of 35 philosophy paper topics that we hope will help you make the right choice.

  1. If you are not 100% confident in your success, should you ignore the opportunity or take it?
  2. If you had a chance to spend a year in a time period of your choice, which time would it be?
  3. Imagine you have a time machine, which situation in your life would you change?
  4. Discuss the role the society plays in one’s personality formation.
  5. Do all people have both good and bad traits?
  6. What does love mean to you?
  7. Can a person be happy without a family?
  8. Provide your own definition of happiness. Are you happy?
  9. A well-paid job or vocation: which would you choose?
  10. Do you consider yourself a unique personality? How do you that you are different from others?
  11. Should people always obey the rules? Where is the line between breaking the rules for the greater good and rebellion?
  12. Why do some people live without feeling alive?
  13. Discuss crucial modern-life values.
  14. Who would you marry: a rich person you do not love or a love of your life with whom your family will be struggling to make ends meet?
  15. Create your definition of loneliness.
  16. Is there life after death? If yes, how do you prepare for it? 
  17. Does being rich always mean having much money?
  18. Discuss the three main character traits that determine who you are. Would you like to change any of them?
  19. Are we the only living organism in the Universe?
  20. What is the biggest treasure in your life? What is that you would like to change?
  21. What can truly upset you? How would you deal with it?
  22. What is the most important decision you have made in your life? What defines its significance?
  23. Would you like to live your life more than once?
  24. To love or to be loved: which is more important?
  25. Do all people need education? Has the significance of education changed over time?
  26. Is it possible to be educated without going to school?
  27. Why do beauty standards change so often?
  28. Describe a perfect life. What prevents you from living it?
  29. Some people think that love lives only three years. Do you agree?
  30. How valuable is the truth? Can you think of situations when lie is better?
  31. Are emotions always helpful?
  32. How to boost one’s creativity?
  33. Is democracy real?
  34. Determinism or free will: which theory do you support?
  35. Are animals different from people?

We hope you find these philosophy paper topics helpful. You can either use them as they are or modify them to better fit your situation. Good luck!

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