Affiliate Program and Its Affiliate Program

We have created a special affiliate program to motivate our loyal customers to exchange their loyalty with for real money. We write most of our papers for returning customers, and we would like to use this unique opportunity to help our customers save some of their money. Now you will be paid for being loyal! Our affiliate program opens new earning possibilities. Earn bonus points that are just one click away!

How to Become an Affiliate?

  • use your email and password to log in to the system;
  • find the Affiliate Program tab and use it to earn your money. Submit the completed registration form, including your customer's number, and email it to a friend you want to use our services;
  • from now on, 10% of every order placed by your affiliated friend will go into your pocket – in other words, for every order worth $50 you will get $5 bonus;
  • you can always use your 10% bonus to order papers from, be it one or several orders;
  • extra rewards are also sent to your account, and even if your referral friend decides to refer anyone else to use our services, you will still get bonuses from those papers! Refer to our bonus points table for more detail.

More About Advantages from Cooperation with Exclusive Papers

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