Additional Custom Writing Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a specific service provided by our custom writing company that gives clients an opportunity to receive large papers in parts (for example, if the paper is more than 20 pages double-spaced and 10 pages single-spaced in length, customers will receive drafts throughout the lengthy writing process).


Core Advantages of Gradual Order Delivery

  1. To ensure that the assigned writer is working on the order thoroughly and consistently, customers are informed from time to time about the writing process: they receive drafts or separate paper section prior to the final deadline.

  2. When ordering long papers, customers get the chance of applying for a free revision even within 30 days after the deadline has expired (Important: when ordering a regular paper, customers are given only 2 days to apply for a free revision).

  3. Customers get individual assistance of personal managers who help them to establish rapport with the assigned writers and make sure that the paper will be completed according to the set deadline.


The Procedure of Sending Drafts*:

  1. For order urgency of 12 days and more: customers receive three drafts in total during the writing process. The first draft contains 25% of information from the required length, the second – 50%, and the third – 75%. Regarding the drafts deadline, the first one is sent after 25% of the total deadline has expired, the second – when 50% of the deadline has passed, and the third – when 75% of the total time limit is over.

  2. For order urgency of 5-11 days: customers get two drafts throughout the writing process. The first one contains 25% of the required paper volume and is sent when 25% of the deadline is over. The second contains 50% of the required text and is sent when half of the time assigned for writing has passed.

  3. For orders with urgency of four days and less: customers receive only one draft that contains 25% of the required information for the complete paper and which is sent after 50% of the deadline has expired.


The price for this additional service is not included into the original order price and costs +15% to the initial order cost.


*If customers have some other preferences in terms of draft delivery, they may contact their personal manager and negotiate another option that will be more suitable.


Extra Services for Short Orders (of less than 20 Pages)

  1. One-Page Summary

Paper summary is a supplementary service frequently ordered by customers when they need to report on their findings and research or present their paper to the audience. One-page summary provides a brief and concise layout of the main paper points.

  1. One-Page Draft

For shorter papers, customers can order a draft as well. As such, they will receive 300 words of double spacingor 600 words of single-spacing of text to make sure the writer has already started working on the paper and is moving in the right direction. Drafts are sent after 50% of the deadline expiration. For example, if the paper urgency is six days, the draft will be sent three days prior to the due date.

  1. Extended Revision

With this amazing service, you can apply for a free revision request within 14 days after the deadline. 

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